Cross-Domain Orchestration Engine

As companies grow and network needs change, the networks become increasingly heterogeneous.
Once all the networking equipment was from a single vendor, however, pricing, licensing and feature enhancements often necessitate the introduction of other vendors into the mix, and they do not always play well with one another. This elaborate physical network topology becomes even more complex with the multitude of configuration parameters that are set to make the network traffic flow between these devices, according to organization policies.

NetOp has created a flexible mechanism to identify and validate all network elements. It acts as an underlying technology platform that enables provisioning across multiple domains such as wireless, LAN, security, SD-WAN and cloud networking. Its vendor agnostic behavior assures correlations among different vendors’ equipment to ensure end-to-end connectivity management.

The unique NetOp technology provides a single, unified domain and vendor-agnostic view of the physical and logical layers, regardless of the multiplicity of device vendors involved.

NetOp integrates with any cloud-managed network equipment such as Access Points,
Switches, Routers, Firewalls, SD-WAN, Security as a service and public VPC.

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