Proactive Management for Autonomous Network Health

Today’s Networks are Heterogeneous

Networks contain numerous devices – wifi, firewalls, routers, switches – that may support multiple services (or fabrics) running over the same equipment. Each of these elements has scores of configuration requirements, which occasionally need to be changed, say if the traffic shaping needs change, or a new fabric is added for video conferencing.
Changes occur all the time that are not necessarily business-driven, for example and application is updated on the cloud and needs access to a new firewall port. And each and every change may lead to a network slowdown or outage.

User-Friendly Unified Dashboard uses netbots to continuously collect KPIs from all of these cloud-managed network devices, and unifies them into a single dashboard so you gain immediate visibility. Taking it a step further,’s proprietary machine learning correlates and distills insights about the fabrics and networks. Health scores and easy-to-understand indicators let anyone – even without IT expertise – to understand what is happening. You can drill into the dashboard to see at the level you need: tenant venue, network, all the way down to each individual piece of equipment.

Taking Action & Closing the Loop

Going even further into the sci-fi future,’s netbots can take the necessary corrective action automatically, or it can issue a recommendation for user action, depending on company policy. The actions may include configuration changes or reboots. implements the actions and maintains a clear history of fixes to be referred to by managers or by the software itself. After fixing each issue, closes the loop by continuously monitoring and fixing again if necessary.

Closed Loop Automation

With, you can troubleshoot quickly, regardless of where the problem lies, and turn your NOC into a proactive business asset.