NetOp Network Monitoring: Key Use Cases


NetOp changes the way networks are managed by applying true artificial intelligence (AI) to monitor the health of managed networks, automate workflows, and simplify IT and network operations. With NetOp, IT and network operations teams become much more efficient, eliminating their users’ frustrations by addressing several key use cases, while also raising security levels, strengthening connectivity, and cutting internet downtime. 

In this post, we zoom in into the challenge of effectively monitoring networks and how NetOp fundamentally changes the network monitoring experience.

Monitor network performance proactively 

One of the common yet most crucial elements for any business with an online interface is maintaining fast and satisfactory load time for every website and platform. 

With the growing complexity of networks spanning multiple sites and utilizing multiple devices and vendors, managing network operations becomes more and more challenging. Too often the network managers miss or oversee these types of performance challenges. 

They are noticed either when their clients  complain, or data shows a decrease in sales or business performance. However, at this stage the client’s satisfaction turns to frustration. Be it internal or external customers. Additionally, when IT professionals address network complaints, they often ‘stumble in the dark’ first, trying to understand where the problem lies, a lengthy and frustrating process.  

How are networks monitored and managed today?

Today NetOps, SREs and IT teams rely on multiple monitoring tools such as network device web tools that allow the admin to login and do all the basic operations such as manually adding and configuring new devices, setup or modify SSID, firewall rules and other network operations. Modern, cloud-managed network devices typically provide such web-based management tools. All of this requires  admins to have a high level of expertise in networking, not a very common skill.  

There are many other network performance monitoring tools available, these typically offer a limited view of some of the metrics in real time when login to the web interface. However, these tools lack intelligent, ai-based correlation between different metrics, so admins need to be highly knowledgeable in order to analyze the root cause of issues. More often than not, IT admin wouldn’t be able to resolve such issues independently. It can  take forever to look into historical data that is not well organized and they simply don’t have the time for it.

As to other legacy network devices that are not cloud managed, these mostly do not have any special monitoring tools. If they do,  they require to install special agents (virtual machines running a dedicated software) on-prem. This is not a trivial endeavor – it takes some time to implement and requires further maintenance. When fully operating, these tools lack the ai-based insights and they don’t support cross-vendor view of the network Other, specialized network performance monitoring tools mostly utilize network probes or rely on snmp. However, these monitoring tools too lack proactive insights based on AI and intelligent correlation and therefore cannot predict network issues in advance, and provide only limited information when it comes to identifying and resolving network issues.. 

What will our customers experience when using NetOp?

With NetOp SaaS solution it takes IT pros only a few minutes to on-board and start managing their networks.  IT pros are empowered to be fully in charge and in the know of what’s going on in their networks, and what is about to happen. Suddenly, complex multi-site and multi-vendor networks become fully transparent. NetOp’s instant discovery process provides an accurate topology mapping covering both the physical layer as well as logical (service or fabric) layer. 

Thanks to NetOp’s cloud based network monitoring tool, admins can see the overall physical and logical health of their networks and have granular visibility into devices that are either online or offline and identify what impacts the operation. Admins can view VPN level connectivity and traffic down to individual users and apps being used. While admins are empowered to easily explore historical data in order to troubleshoot issues, the true power of NetOp comes with its proactive anomaly detection.  It allows anomalies to be triggered soon enough before issue impact production. AI-based proactive prediction of future traffic and potential evolving issues provides simple prescriptive steps to address these issues before they become problems. These are the fundamentals of a self-healing network. With NetOp’s upcoming enhancements, true self-healing networks are soon to become a reality.

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